The daily gesture of cleaning becomes a moment of well-being for your skin, that is cleansed by a soft fragrant foam and cuddled by the moisturizing and softening actions of hyaluronic acid , argan oil , shea butter , aloe and oats.


Deliciously scented, fresh and light body milks that day after day give the skin of your body a surplus of hydration due to the magnificent properties Hyaluronic Acid, and other active ingredients, Argan, Shea, Oat, Aloe, and Camelia oil.


Rich and buttery creams that melt deliciously with skin, like scented caresses. They have been created thinking of the needs of the driest skins, that need to be cuddled with formulas rich in hyaluronic acid and precious natural ingredients. 


Extremely rich scrubs born from the synergistic action of salt, finely ground shells, Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil or Shea butter. 

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This dry, rich and velvety oil absorbs quickly, leaving the skin incredibly soft and perfumed with a gentle flowery fragrance.


Very fresh, eco-friendly spray deodorants that respect the skin, leaving it fresh and protected all day long. Gentle formulas without parabens, aluminium salts or colorants.


Products that take care of your hands, day after day: a nourishing, moisturizing and protective hand and nail cream and four liquid soaps based on with very gentle surfactants respectful of skin pH and enriched with Hyaluronic Acid.


Performing multi-effect beauty treatments for face, body and hair that combine hyaluronic acid with pure organic argan oil or pure organic aloe vera gel.

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